Diocese of Moshi

Plans for Tanzania Project 2013


In July 2013, Dr. Flamez  will return to Moshi, Tanzania. Several goals have been planned for the Tanzania Social Change Project 2013.

1.  Provide immediate water (short term) and build a well (long term) for Mtimhoo Parish.

Fr. Aloyce Kenyange and Fr. Erasto Mapendo serve Mtimhoo Catholic Church and the people in a remote area about 2 hours northeast Mt. Kilimanjaro in the Rombo District of the Diocese of Moshi, Tanzania near the border of Kenya. This area has been experiencing a severe drought for more than a year. With no rain for months now, there is no water to be had. In a recent letter, Fr. Aloyce Kenyange wrote,

There is no water for our use, no water for our livestock. Yesterday we lost our two cows and four goats from starvation and thirst. Our government is trying to alleviate the situation, but in vain. What shall we do? I know that begging is not good but I have no way. I must. Please do whatever you can to help get clean water for our people.

It is hard for us here in America to understand this kind of deprivation. In Tanzania there are no governmental social services whatsoever. The only place for refuge and relief for the people comes from their churches. These churches do the best they can with resources limited beyond anything we can imagine. In one photo, a large cistern to collect rainwater and the pipes for carrying water to the crops and animals can be seen. Fr. Aloyce and his people built these, but there has been no rain to fill the cistern. Because it is not financially feasible to dig a well right now, we hope to collect some donations to truck water into this parish to prevent further starvation of the people and animals. This is a short-term solution, but will bring immediate relief.


Dr. Flamez and Dr. Green are raising money to provide immediate assistance during the months of December 2012 to May 2013 to bring trucks full of water to Mtimhoo parish. Additional money raised will be used to help build a well in the community. Any donation you can make now will help tremendously. Thank you!

2.  Help begin building a secondary school for St. Francis.

The students St. Francis serves — children who are blind, hearing impaired, cognitively impaired or albino — cannot have their educational needs met in government or other religious schools. Moreover, these children are generally looked down on by much of the Tanzanian community and are sometimes the object of hostility. In fact, the location of St. Francis is purposely hidden to provide protection for these students. Unfortunately, not every child escapes harm before coming to the school. One young girl there is was missing both of her arms. The head teacher said,

A man from her village came in [the middle of the night] and chopped them off simply because she was albino.

Your donation will help start the process of building a secondary school, which would allow these special needs students to continue their education there after graduating from the primary school. Please note this is a project that will continue for several years. My goal is to help provide as much assistance as we can.

3.  Collecting clothes for Rainbow Orphanage and Upendo Orphanage.

Upendo Orphanage (ages birth to 5) houses 58 children. According to the Sister I spoke with at the Orphanage, she shared that 56 of these children were left on the side of the road by their parents or both parents had passed away. Rainbow Orphanage (for older children) helps provide tuition assistance for school, medicine, clothing, etc. for children in the area who may not be able to afford the above items. We are currently collecting new clothing and shoes for ages birth to 14 years old. If you are interested in donating new clothing, please click on the contact button to send an email to Dr. Flamez. She will take all the clothing with her to deliver to the children in July.


4.  Collecting stuffed animals for the children of St. Francis.

During their visit to St. Francis, Dr. Flamez noticed two stuffed animals on a bed where the children sleep. The nun explained that these are the only two stuffed animals for 250 children. She said at night it is difficult because many children miss their family, are scared, and having the stuffed animal sometimes helps calm them. However, with only two stuffed animals the animals have to be shared and passed throughout the night. Brande and Judy would like to ensure that each child has a stuffed animal. Currently, two counselors, Ms. Kayla Jones and Ms. Nelda Garcia, and two Counselor Educators, Dr. Javier Cavazos-Vela and Dr. Christie Jenkins, are helping Dr. Flamez collect these animals. If you are interested in donating some new stuffed animals please click the contact button to send an email to Dr. Flamez. She will take all stuffed animals with her to deliver to the children in July.


5. Provide Mental Health Facilitator Training.

Dr. Green and Dr. Flamez will teach a mental health facilitator training course for teachers, nurses, and priests in the Tanzania area. The curriculum they are presenting was developed by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) to provide basic counseling skills to community workers around the world to help them better serve their towns and communities.

Tanzania Project 2013

Your donations make positive social change possible.

Many thanks…

Tanzania Trip 2012 Photo Gallery



Summary of 2012 Tanzania Visit


Thank you to all who donated to our Tanzania 2012 project to help the people of Moshi, Tanzania. Due to your generosity over $9,000.00 was donated to two orphanages, two hospitals, two schools, and a dispensary.

Everyone Dr. Flamez met asked that she please tell you how grateful they are for your generosity. While we tried to capture some pictures to show their gratitude, the images still do not quite capture how thankful they are for your donations. Thank you!

The following is a breakdown of what was delivered and how the donated money was distributed.

Updendo Orphanage

  • Dr. Flamez donated over 200 new outfits to Upendo Orphanage where 56 out of the 58 children are found abandoned on the side of the road by their parents.
  • $1000.00 from money donated on this website was given to help purchase much needed medication for the children throughout the year.

upendo-1 upendo-2

Rainbow Center/Orphanage

  • $1000.00 from the fundraiser at Cassidy’s Irish Pub was donated to purchase medication to treat AIDS in infants, to provide school tuition for all the children, and to purchase maize and beans.
  • Dr. Flamez distributed shoes and soccer balls that were donated from the Gulf Coast Soccer Club in Corpus Christi, TX.


Kibosho Hospital

  • The government does not pay for food or electricity at Kibosho hospital. Even if medication is available, many patients are unable to keep the medicine down since the hospital only has enough food to feed the patients a small bowl of soup a day. $1000.00 from money donated on this website was given to help provide food and electricity for a year.


 Mawenzi Hospital

  • In Tanzania, the government does not provide disability or assistance to anyone diagnosed with a mental health disorder or disability. $1000.00 from money donated on this website was given to the psychiatric wing.
  • Many of the rooms with beds had no mattresses just wires. Dr. Flamez worked with the chief psychiatrist to provide new beds and medication for all the psychiatric patients.


St. Anna’s Dispensary

  • Many people walk for 15 plus miles to have their babies or treat their children at a dispensary. St. Anna’s dispensary, like most dispensaries, is run by one nun who is a nurse that treats over 7,000 people a year. $1000.00 raised at the Fundraiser at Cassidy’s Irish Pub was donated to purchase beds for the recovery room and to purchase malaria medication.
  • Kate donated a suitcase of much needed over the counter medication.

a1 a2

St. Francis Primary School

  • Dr. Flamez received a recognition which included a $1000.00 award through a professional association. She donated 100% of the money from the award to St. Francis Primary School, which is the only primary school for students with disabilities in Moshi, Tanzania. Many students are hidden at this school for protection. Many parents abandon their children that are born Albino. The donation helped provide much needed school supplies and food.


St. James School

  • Over $2000.00 collected from this website and through private donations mailed to Dr. Flamez was donated for more classrooms to be built to relieve overcrowding in the school.
  • Soccer balls collected from the kids and parents of the Gulf Coast Soccer Club were donated to the St. James soccer team.

james-1 james-2

St. James School Before


St. James School After

After_St.James1 after_st.james2 After_St.James3 After_St.James4 after-st-james-5

Soccer Balls Donated


We would like to thank all the families and children of the Gulf Coast Counseling Club for donating soccer balls for the children of Moshi, Tanzania.

Event at Cassidy’s Irish Pub


Cassidy’s Irish Pub located in Corpus Christi is sponsoring a fundraiser for Dr. Flamez, Dr. Green, and Ms. Kate Rodriguez to raise money for the orphanages, schools, and hospitals operated by the Diocese of Moshi. Cash (no credit card) donations will be taken at the door. Come and enjoy a free musical performance by the band, “Out of Bounds.” For each $5.00 donation at the door, guests will receive a door prize ticket. Door prizes will be announced periodically throughout the night.

The fundraiser will take place:

When: May 25th, 2012 (Friday) at 9pm
Where: Cassidy’s Irish Pub, 601 Water St., Corpus Christi, TX
Phone: (361) 879-0534

New Nonprofit Formed!

Thank you for all your support over the years. I am excited to announce that we established a nonprofit, SALT World Inc in 2014. SALT stands for serving and learning together. For more information on our nonprofit and projects you can sponsor, please visit SALT-world.org.

Thank You!

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude and thanks for those who have donated to the Tanzania 2014 project.

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