Cassidy’s Irish Pub

Follow-up On Cassidy’s Irish Pub Event


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On Friday, May 25th, Cassidy’s Irish Pub located in Corpus Christi sponsored a fundraiser for Dr. Flamez and Ms. Kate Rodriguez to raise money for the orphanages, schools, and hospitals operated by the Diocese of Moshi. Guests enjoyed a musical performance by the band, “Out of Bounds.” For each $5.00 donation at the door, guests received a door prize ticket. Door prizes were announced periodically throughout the night.

We would like to thank all are friends and family who came out to support this event. We were able to raise a total of $2274.00 dollars from donations at the door and drink proceeds.

A big thank you to the following guests at Cassidy’s:
Ryan Bartlow
Dr. Tracey Calley
Corrine Cameron
Monica Canales
Valerie Chiles
Kelly Copeland
Marshall Davidson
Guy Davis
Jesse Drewa
Lacey Ellis
Taylor Feldmann
Rosemary Flamez
Jessica Gadbois
Erica Garcia
Kristen Givens
Mike Gray
Rose Harrison
Kelsey Havelka
Morgan Johnson
Aaron and Sarah Justice
Dr. Eunice Lerma
Mr. Levinsailor
Katelyn McInerney
Ryan McLessan
Samantha Mendoza
Melinda and Moe Montagli
Will & Meagan Mooney
Jose Palacios III
Sammie Ramon
Ross Ramirez
Judge Nelda Rodriguez
Rosaura Delos Santos
Floyd Spivey
Curtis Shandy
Maureen and Katie Trinka
Zarchary R. Zarder

Event at Cassidy’s Irish Pub


Cassidy’s Irish Pub located in Corpus Christi is sponsoring a fundraiser for Dr. Flamez, Dr. Green, and Ms. Kate Rodriguez to raise money for the orphanages, schools, and hospitals operated by the Diocese of Moshi. Cash (no credit card) donations will be taken at the door. Come and enjoy a free musical performance by the band, “Out of Bounds.” For each $5.00 donation at the door, guests will receive a door prize ticket. Door prizes will be announced periodically throughout the night.

The fundraiser will take place:

When: May 25th, 2012 (Friday) at 9pm
Where: Cassidy’s Irish Pub, 601 Water St., Corpus Christi, TX
Phone: (361) 879-0534

New Nonprofit Formed!

Thank you for all your support over the years. I am excited to announce that we established a nonprofit, SALT World Inc in 2014. SALT stands for serving and learning together. For more information on our nonprofit and projects you can sponsor, please visit

Thank You!

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude and thanks for those who have donated to the Tanzania 2014 project.

Dr. Kelly Aissen
Hailey Biggerstaff
Dr. Ed Beck
Dr. Esther Benoit
Amber and Adam Black
Dr. Tracy and Chris Chiles
Nan Cordy
Dr. Amanda Costin
Paul Delgado
Dr. Lyda Downs
Rebecca Dulin
Marty & Kathy Farrell
Dr. Matthew Fearrington
John Flamez
Rosemary Flamez
Dr. Linda Foster
Dr. Perry Francis
Jacob & Jillian Gamblin
Dr. Jonathan Gray
Carlos Golfetto
Kaden Heath
The Jonckheeree Family
Dr. Kamiar Kouzekanani
Bryanna Kreft
Dr. Gerard Lawson
Richard McDevitt
Matt McIntosh
Julia & Russell Moeller
Erin Patton
Dr. Rebecca Pender
Maria Pinkard
Dr. Christopher Roseman
Dr. Tammy Shaffer
Caroline Speed
Rebecca & Jeremy Taylor
Sara & Tony Tellado
Robyn Vetter
Darren Villanueva
Dr. Tiffany Rush Wilson