Evelyn’s 4th Birthday Party


In honor of Evelyn’s 4th birthday, many children and families donated to St. Francis primary school-a school for children with disabilities located in Moshi, Tanzania. We would like to thank all the children and the parents for their generous donations. The following people helped give a total of $365.00!

Roman Bonilla

Jillian and Jacob Gamble

Sophia Garza

Jacqueline Jonckheere

JoJo Magallan

Anna McCracken

Bella McNally

Noah and Matty Moeller

Scarlett Mulcahy

Caroline Speed

Allyson Supple

Brielle Vasquez

Tanzania Trip 2012 Photo Gallery



Noah’s 1st Birthday


Julia and Russell Moeller of San Antonio, Texas wanted to do something special for Noah’s first birthday. They reached out to Brandé and asked if they could help sponsor one of her projects. So in lieu of birthday gifts, Noah’s parents asked guest to consider donating to the Tanzania Project 2012 in honor of Noah. Guests who donated received a picture of the children from Tanzania to put in Noah’s birthday card stating they donated in his name. His parents then compiled and saved the birthday cards for Noah to read when he is older.

We would like to thank Noah, Julia, Russell, and all the guests who contributed to the cause. Over $300.00 dollars was gifted in Noah’s name! The money raised at Noah’s birthday party was donated to St. James in Moshi, Tanzania. The money helped provide education, school materials, and a uniform for one boy.

If you would like to set up a birthday party giving experience or any donation to our Tanzania Project in lieu of flowers or gifts, please let Brandé know.

IMG_0650 IMG_0655 russ_juliaIMG_0646


Providing Immediate Water


In a remote area of Tanzania near the Kenya border, there has been a severe drought for the past year. When we visited this area in July 2012, there had not been one drop of rain since January 1, 2012. The crops were withered and dying in the fields. The few livestock animals there were being fed and watered with stored grain and the small amount of water that could be carried to them daily. We also learned when we visited that in the early spring of 2012, a herd of 33 elephants in search of food and water had trampled the few crops that were growing.

Early in December, Dr. Green and Dr. Flamez received a letter by mail from Fr. Aloyce Keyange concerning the severe drought that has continued and has now led to animals dying. Keep in mind that the letter from Fr. Aloyce took over a month for us to receive so his community has continued to suffer in that time.

After receiving the news, Dr. Flamez raised $1,000.00 in a week. That money was sent on December 17th to Fr. Aloyce. However, this only provides temporary relief to bring trucks full of water into the area. With continued lack of rain and water, the animals will die then the children are in danger of running out of food too.

Our hope is to send another $1,000.00 within the next week. Any donation amount is much appreciated. In addition to providing immediate relief in the months of December to March, our goal is to begin the process of building a well for the Mtimhoo community.

Please help in any way you can. You can donate through PayPal by clicking on the “give” button to the right in the sidebar.

We will be travelling back to Moshi, Tanzania next summer. Thank you for taking an interest in this project. Because we know these people and have experienced their plight firsthand, we cannot turn our backs. Yes, it is an overwhelming task; but, our hope is to make a difference for as many people as we can.

My sincerest thanks,
Dr. Flamez

Summary of 2012 Tanzania Visit


Thank you to all who donated to our Tanzania 2012 project to help the people of Moshi, Tanzania. Due to your generosity over $9,000.00 was donated to two orphanages, two hospitals, two schools, and a dispensary.

Everyone Dr. Flamez met asked that she please tell you how grateful they are for your generosity. While we tried to capture some pictures to show their gratitude, the images still do not quite capture how thankful they are for your donations. Thank you!

The following is a breakdown of what was delivered and how the donated money was distributed.

Updendo Orphanage

  • Dr. Flamez donated over 200 new outfits to Upendo Orphanage where 56 out of the 58 children are found abandoned on the side of the road by their parents.
  • $1000.00 from money donated on this website was given to help purchase much needed medication for the children throughout the year.

upendo-1 upendo-2

Rainbow Center/Orphanage

  • $1000.00 from the fundraiser at Cassidy’s Irish Pub was donated to purchase medication to treat AIDS in infants, to provide school tuition for all the children, and to purchase maize and beans.
  • Dr. Flamez distributed shoes and soccer balls that were donated from the Gulf Coast Soccer Club in Corpus Christi, TX.


Kibosho Hospital

  • The government does not pay for food or electricity at Kibosho hospital. Even if medication is available, many patients are unable to keep the medicine down since the hospital only has enough food to feed the patients a small bowl of soup a day. $1000.00 from money donated on this website was given to help provide food and electricity for a year.


 Mawenzi Hospital

  • In Tanzania, the government does not provide disability or assistance to anyone diagnosed with a mental health disorder or disability. $1000.00 from money donated on this website was given to the psychiatric wing.
  • Many of the rooms with beds had no mattresses just wires. Dr. Flamez worked with the chief psychiatrist to provide new beds and medication for all the psychiatric patients.


St. Anna’s Dispensary

  • Many people walk for 15 plus miles to have their babies or treat their children at a dispensary. St. Anna’s dispensary, like most dispensaries, is run by one nun who is a nurse that treats over 7,000 people a year. $1000.00 raised at the Fundraiser at Cassidy’s Irish Pub was donated to purchase beds for the recovery room and to purchase malaria medication.
  • Kate donated a suitcase of much needed over the counter medication.

a1 a2

St. Francis Primary School

  • Dr. Flamez received a recognition which included a $1000.00 award through a professional association. She donated 100% of the money from the award to St. Francis Primary School, which is the only primary school for students with disabilities in Moshi, Tanzania. Many students are hidden at this school for protection. Many parents abandon their children that are born Albino. The donation helped provide much needed school supplies and food.


St. James School

  • Over $2000.00 collected from this website and through private donations mailed to Dr. Flamez was donated for more classrooms to be built to relieve overcrowding in the school.
  • Soccer balls collected from the kids and parents of the Gulf Coast Soccer Club were donated to the St. James soccer team.

james-1 james-2

St. James School Before


St. James School After

After_St.James1 after_st.james2 After_St.James3 After_St.James4 after-st-james-5

Thank You – Tanzania 2012


We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude and thanks for all those donated to the 2012 Tanzania Project. Your donations made a big difference!

Dr. Cathy Abernethy

Dr. Kelly Aissen

Dr. Wilma Anthony

Amy Averill

Chris Bacsik

Dr. Rick Balkin

Quinn Baskin

Dr. Ed Beck

AJ Calabresi

Dr. Kristi Cannon

Dr. Carolina Casillas

Paul and Betsy Carver

Dr. Javier Cavazos

Kara and Ryan Chappell

Dr. Heather Chesterton

Missy & Nate Cobb

Dr. Kelly Coker

Dr. Katherine Coule

Robert Dineen

Linda DiRuzza

Jorge Dominguez

Dr. Denise Dominguez

Dr. Lyda Downs

Dr. Kailla Edger

Kathy Farrell

Dr. Mary Alice Fernandez

Ross & Holly Filipek

John Flamez

Rosemary Flamez

Serena Flores

Louisa Foss

Nelda Garcia

Pamela Garcia

Kimberly Getman

Dr. Lorraine Giardino

Joanie Gluffreda

Dr. Jonathan Gray

George Green

Nate Green

Mandy Hartman

Dr. Christi Jenkins

Kayla Jones

Dr. Mary Jones

Travis & Marilyn Johnson

Dr. Donna Kornegay

Dr. Kamiar Kouzekanani

Kevin & Stephanie Kreutz

Jessica & Jason Lantham

Wayne & Barbara Latham

Celina Lemmen

Earl Lewis

Angela Tong Logan

Dr. Belinda Lopez

Joshua Lostetter

Aisha Lusk

Dr. Margaret Sherrill Luther

Leila Malavite

Glenn Martin

Adam McDevitt

James McDevitt

Richard McDevitt

Richard & Marcia McDevitt

Jeremy & Leah McDonald

Dr. K. Elizabeth McDonald

Matthew McIntosh

Samantha Mendoza

Rocky Mickley

Dr. Lori Milo

Ludi Montemayor

Dr. Ruth Moore

Erica Mulcahy

Julia & Russell Moeller

Edwin & Evelyn Niedhammer

Jodi Ochoa

Harold Ortiz

Jennifer & Mike Parker

Dr. Michelle Perepiczka

Lorenzo Pietrini

Maria Pinkard

Ashlea Pruett

Stevie Puckett

Dr. John Reeve

Dr. Richard Ricard

Jason Rydzewski

Burt Santos

Kelly Sasse

Mark Sawulski

Theodore Sawulski

Dr. Stephanie Scott

Stefani Schomaker

Dr. Tammy Shaffer

Dr. Donna & Carl Sheperis

Dr. Robyn Trippany Simmons

Dana Sisk

Anne & Steve Socha

Joe & Cyndi Staudenmayer

John Supple & Nguyet Tran

Atalie Tschirhart

Hector & Erin Ubinas

Robyn Vetter

Jae E. Van Whey

Mr. &Mrs. Andrezej Waclawiak

Carleen Waller

Dr. Joshua Watson

Amanda, Jon, & Paige Wilson

Dr. Tiffany Rush-Wilson

Dr. Dawn Wirick

David Zerda

Kazimera & Edward Zych

St. Andrews Catholic Church

Junior League of Corpus Christi

Soccer Balls Donated


We would like to thank all the families and children of the Gulf Coast Counseling Club for donating soccer balls for the children of Moshi, Tanzania.

Door Prize & Raffle Winners


Congratulations to the following winners of door prizes at our event at Cassidy’s Irish Pub on May 25, 2012!

JB German Bakery Gift Certificate: Dr. Tracey Calley
50.00 Academy Gift Certificate: Corrine Cameron
4 Hooks tickets (Sat), parking pass, Cotton access: Samantha Mendoza
4 Hammerhead tickets +parking pass: Monica Canales
4 Hooks tickets (Sunday night), parking pass, Cotton access: Samantha Mendoza
Oscar’s Emporium Shampoo, Haircut, and Style: Mitra Montagli
300.00 Gift Certificate to Peace of Mind: Cassidy’s guest

Raffle Tickets

$5.00 Raffle tickets were sold up until June 10th to support the Moshi Diocese of Tanzania. Congratulations to the following winners!


Dolce Divino Gift Certificate for facial: Monica Dresser
Vino to Van Gogh Painting sessions: Maria Pinkard
Peace of Mind Gift Certificate (facial or massage): Coretta Graham
James Stanley hair products basket: Amy Brown
Wind and Wave Kayak Rental (double or single): Michelle Ramirez
Bay Breeze Carpet Cleaning Gift Certificate: Robert Lee Mendoza
Hu Dat 25.00 Gift Certificate: Francisco Buyo


Follow-up On Cassidy’s Irish Pub Event


Music By: Kevin MacLeod –

On Friday, May 25th, Cassidy’s Irish Pub located in Corpus Christi sponsored a fundraiser for Dr. Flamez and Ms. Kate Rodriguez to raise money for the orphanages, schools, and hospitals operated by the Diocese of Moshi. Guests enjoyed a musical performance by the band, “Out of Bounds.” For each $5.00 donation at the door, guests received a door prize ticket. Door prizes were announced periodically throughout the night.

We would like to thank all are friends and family who came out to support this event. We were able to raise a total of $2274.00 dollars from donations at the door and drink proceeds.

A big thank you to the following guests at Cassidy’s:
Ryan Bartlow
Dr. Tracey Calley
Corrine Cameron
Monica Canales
Valerie Chiles
Kelly Copeland
Marshall Davidson
Guy Davis
Jesse Drewa
Lacey Ellis
Taylor Feldmann
Rosemary Flamez
Jessica Gadbois
Erica Garcia
Kristen Givens
Mike Gray
Rose Harrison
Kelsey Havelka
Morgan Johnson
Aaron and Sarah Justice
Dr. Eunice Lerma
Mr. Levinsailor
Katelyn McInerney
Ryan McLessan
Samantha Mendoza
Melinda and Moe Montagli
Will & Meagan Mooney
Jose Palacios III
Sammie Ramon
Ross Ramirez
Judge Nelda Rodriguez
Rosaura Delos Santos
Floyd Spivey
Curtis Shandy
Maureen and Katie Trinka
Zarchary R. Zarder

Door Prizes Donated


A big thank you goes out to several organizations and companies that have donated door prizes and/or provided donations for the upcoming fundraising event on May 25, 2012 at Cassidy’s Irish Pub.

Wind and Wave

St. Andrews Catholic Church

Baybreeze Carpet Cleaning

Oscar’s Salon and Emporium

JB’s German Bakery

Chi Sigma Iota Theta Alpha Mu Chapter

Gabe Martinez New York Life Insurance and Financial Planning

Dr. Belinda Lopez, LPC-S

Hu Dat Noodle House

Dolce Divino

Peace of Mind

James Stanley Salon


New Nonprofit Formed!

Thank you for all your support over the years. I am excited to announce that we established a nonprofit, SALT World Inc in 2014. SALT stands for serving and learning together. For more information on our nonprofit and projects you can sponsor, please visit

Thank You!

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude and thanks for those who have donated to the Tanzania 2014 project.

Dr. Kelly Aissen
Hailey Biggerstaff
Dr. Ed Beck
Dr. Esther Benoit
Amber and Adam Black
Dr. Tracy and Chris Chiles
Nan Cordy
Dr. Amanda Costin
Paul Delgado
Dr. Lyda Downs
Rebecca Dulin
Marty & Kathy Farrell
Dr. Matthew Fearrington
John Flamez
Rosemary Flamez
Dr. Linda Foster
Dr. Perry Francis
Jacob & Jillian Gamblin
Dr. Jonathan Gray
Carlos Golfetto
Kaden Heath
The Jonckheeree Family
Dr. Kamiar Kouzekanani
Bryanna Kreft
Dr. Gerard Lawson
Richard McDevitt
Matt McIntosh
Julia & Russell Moeller
Erin Patton
Dr. Rebecca Pender
Maria Pinkard
Dr. Christopher Roseman
Dr. Tammy Shaffer
Caroline Speed
Rebecca & Jeremy Taylor
Sara & Tony Tellado
Robyn Vetter
Darren Villanueva
Dr. Tiffany Rush Wilson